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Last Weekend 


Oh oh! But will you join me then?


Of course my love~You know the person who was my special someone has seemed to disappear. . I think I may have been rejected for the first time in my life..I could most def use a wing woman…Get me back in the game. A dry snake is never pretty…

Lets take this city by storm.

Lost || Open 


Nate paced around, checking the sheet of paper in his hand that lists all his classes and watching where he was going at the same time. The campus was so huge, he didn’t know where his first class was! And to make it worse, he was late too- as always.

"Oh man, I could’ve sworn it was this way…" He spoke under his breath, clutching tightly to the strap of his backpack. This was not how he wanted to start his first day here.

Without thinking he bumped into someone, dropping the paper from his hand. “Ow, hey!”


Realizing what just happened, he quickly spoke again, “I-I’m sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going…” Well this was embarrassing, he hoped the other wasn’t angry at him- that’s the last thing he wanted.

In spite of Lucy’s height she often made an attempt to blend in. So when she was not teaching a lecture she often dressed in a so-called ‘unprofessional’ manner. Today she was in a: messy bun, a white knit cap, glasses, leather jacket, an oversized black and white sweater with a seviper on it, black  straight legged jeans, and black lace-up leather boots. So on first glance one would not be able to tell that she was the Dean of Nimbasa University.

Stuck in her notes, Lucy walked on giving little attention to those around her. Normally her immense size caused people to move out of the way. So when someone bumped into her, it caused her notebook to fall out of her hands. “Oh,” she said apathetically, “that is inconvenient.”

Once Lucy picked up her notebook, she finally acknowledged the boy and looked down at him. “One should always look where they are going. If you do not that seems inefficient. “ She tilted her head and looked him over, “Cute. You are new yeah? I have not read your file yet. How strange. I guess I should introduce myself, I am Lucy.”

Last Weekend 


I don’t know whether to drink or soak up the last few days of the break before the beginnings of next semester…


Drink and soak up the last day hottie~

Rub a Dub Dub || Red & Lucy 

Lucy had taken a sabbatical to further her research for the past semester. It had proven to be beneficial for her manuscript, but not for Nimbasa University.  From her paper work to her students, everything was in disarray. If it were not for the notes she had compiled by her ‘colleges,’ she would have been completely lost. The management of the university was the least of Lucy’s problems though. Her number one problem was Red.

Whilst Lucy had called Red, he had rarely answered his phone. All the phone calls really did was confirm that he got her shipments. The phone calls told her little of his mental state. So after she settled back in, she immediately made her way to Red’s. She was unsure if he had cleaned himself or his house since she had been gone. So she had brought it upon herself to bring what was necessary to do both.

With a deep breath Lucy took off her motorcycle helmet and knocked on Red’s door. “Baby, it is me Lucy~! I am back from my research! I brought fresh goods over! I thought I could make you dinner! I brought those banned violent European movies you like.”

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Does anyone want to start a thread with Lucy?

Lucy muse is lonely.

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The Ring 

Lucy stared at the snake ring that made its home on her ring finger. Her entire life she did not believe she would have a normal life. This ring meant more then just a promise, it was her chance to have a family. A true family. Gently she rubbed her stomach. Perhaps she would even bare a child. The thought made her chuckle a little. “A family…” she whispered to herself. 

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Puts out an apb on Clair.

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Lucy has received a package. That was not unusual, she often did. She was quite used to being showered in gifts. Just like most of her packages it was unmarked, so that did not cause any concern. She took out a box cutter and opened the package, inside was a Pikachu onsie.

A pikachu onsie was something Lucy knew quite well. For her darling Red had taken upon himself to wear one. All she could do was hope that he changed his clothes for his lectures. She had enough problems as it is.

"Why not…?" Lucy looked down at the onsie and she removed her clothes. With ease she slipped into the Pikachu onsie. She looked into one of her many mirrors and said,’Chu,’ with a slight laugh. It was strange for her to be dressed like a mouse, when she was snake.

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